Timothy Chalamet comes to Edward Manidiforbice: lo spot virale

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It is a commercial, and as such it should be read. Still, the short footage that Cadillac released shortly before Super Bowl, with it, it brought a certain cinematic frenzy. Almost as if, between the lines of that advertisement, the next promise of Hollywood could be enclosed. A promise blessed by Tim Burton in person.

The director, master of gothic, has agreed to supervise a particular commercial, in which Timothée Chalamet he was asked to play a “boy with scissors instead of hands”.

“No, not that,” the voice of Winona Ryder, who at her side, blonde and straight Kim, was not found Johnny depp, but a younger version of it. Edgar Manidiforbice, son of the more famous Edward, was chosen as the protagonist of a car advertisement. «It is rare that a job you are proud of continues to live and evolve with the times, even after thirty years. I’m glad to see Edgar take on the new world, ”said Burton, who agreed to see a scissorhanded kid slice a pineapple and puncture a rugby ball before getting behind the wheel of a car in the commercial. “I hope both fans and those who find themselves in the presence of Edward Scissorhand for the first time have fun,” continued the director, whose appreciation for the hybrid creature, spectacular and cinematic together, could be a prelude to something more: a revival, a reboot, one of the many sequels that Hollywood is full of.

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