Tiramisù day 2022: the recipe and advice of the world champion

Tiramisù day 2022: the recipe and advice of the world champion

It is now a ritual to celebrate spring by eating tiramisu because March 21, the day of the solstice, is also the Tiramisu Day: the day dedicated to this iconic Italian dessert, symbol of celebration and joy that, now more than ever, we all need. It never goes out of fashion and the data of theJust Eat Observatoryaccording to which in 2021 the over were ordered at home 27,000 kilos of tiramisu throughout Italy, equal to + 22% compared to 2020.

The most popular version remains the classic one with a triumph of ladyfingers, mascarpone and cocoa, born in Friuli and cleared through customs in Veneto, as he says Tiramisu. History, curiosities, interpretations of the most loved Italian dessert (Giunti), the book of food critics and essayists Clara and Gigi Padovani, who deserves the credit for inventing Tiramisu Day.

It is the Veneto that tiramisu has been given its evocative name – it was Roberto “Loli“ Linguanotto, in the ’70s, who called him “Tiramesu” in his restaurant At the Beccherie of Treviso – and to Veneto we owe much of the fame of the dessert in the world, also thanks to a championship that for years has attracted enthusiasts from more and more countries. And the Tiramisu World Cupconceived by Twissen: a reference for the dissemination of the culture of tiramisu which, in addition to the competition, organizes cooking classes, marathons, and launches initiatives which help to catalyze attention. For example, for Tiramisu day he launched the first NFT dedicated to tiramisu with the art director Michele Crema (you can buy it on opensea.io/TiramisuWorldCup) which is dedicated to tiramisu in the shape of a heart with which Stefano Serafini, commercial agent by profession, won the last competition of the championship. It is with his advice (which you can find in the gallery following this article) that we decided to celebrate Tiramisù Day, in addition-of course-to the recipe.

The secret of a champion tiramisu? “I always answer that it is love, and then other little big things, like the technique, the practice, the style in the execution, thirty years of trial and error” he says Stefano Serafini, underlining that his tiramisu is always prepared in a suit and tie. “One evening, when I returned after a day’s work, I said” I’ll make tiramisu tonight “and my wife Elena replied peremptorily:” No, because it’s late, you get dirty. “Instead of giving up, I thought about it for a moment and I told her “I do it as I am, in a suit and tie, and I show you that I don’t dirty anything“. From there I started with this “ritual” of preparing tiramisu with a tie ».

Here are Stefano Serafini’s tips for the perfect tiramisu:

Source: Vanity Fair