Tiziano Ferro, love for Victor is (also) a dedication on the skin

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Three simple letters imprinted forever on the wrist: “Vic”. Like this Tiziano Ferro he wanted to reaffirm the strength of his love, tattooing the name of her husband Victor Allen. And he wanted to share the choice with his over two million Instagram followers, publishing a photo of the tattoo accompanied by the phrase “To tattoos as a shield on the veins …”. A verse from his song The fate of those who lived to love. And again the hashtags #ildestinodichivisseperamare, #foreverundermyskin, #scrittosullapelle.

A tattoo that has arrived now after six years of love with the US marketing manager. A love lived intensely but always with discretion. The two they met by chance in 2016, in a corridor of the Warner Bros in Los Angeles, while Ferro was shooting a video. Vitctor, who is 15 years older than Titian and at the time worked as a consultant for the record company, invited the singer for a coffee. The two took that coffee the next day, in a Starbucks. Victor did not know he was facing an internationally famous artist. Indeed, as the artist himself later told Vanity Fair, he didn’t really know who Tiziano Ferro was. Which to the question “What do you do in life?” he answered with a modest “I write songs.” And so sparked the spark of a love that the two tried to protect as much as possible from the spotlight. The choice of stay and live in Los Angeles helped the couple own a to be able to live everyday life together without the anxiety of the paparazzi.

Then, after three years, Victor took the plunge and, with simplicity but not without a good dose of romance, he made his marriage proposal to Titian. A proposal engraved on two cups, at coffee time, complete with Tiffany casket and kneeling statement. The two two they secretly got married in Los Angeles on June 25, 2019 and a few weeks later they flew to Italy, where they joined civilly. An exciting and intimate ceremony, with about forty guests, relatives and closest friends, celebrated at sunset on the splendid beach of Sabaudia. That day, in the speech after the ceremony, Ferro thanked his parents for the support they gave to the relationship with Victor. And in fact, when Allen wrote to Titian’s mom to tell her how happy she was to become his son-in-law, she replied: “For me you already are”.

Their love has never stopped growing ever since. So much so that Tiziano admitted that the lmy greatest desire at this point is to become parents. “My deadline for having a baby?” Forty years old, ”said Tiziano Ferro in 2017, who reached the threshold of 40 last February. Then in June 2020 the artist reiterated in an interview with Republic: «Right now Victor wants a child even more, perhaps because he is about to turn 55“. Choosing to live in Los Angeles from this point of view can help: “Here in America the situation is relatively easier,” explained Ferro. “Or rather, there are different solutions, such as the so-called” fostering “, or rather the possibility of taking care of a child for a certain time, even without a real adoption». While waiting to realize the dream of becoming parents, Tiziano wanted to reiterate all his love to Victor. And he did it with an indelible mark on the skin.

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