Today is World Cheese Day; see special about the delicacy loved by Brazilians

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The history of cheese is not known for sure, but studies indicate that it dates back to the beginning of civilization and is even confused with the history of domestic animals over 8,000 years BC, a period when man made the transition from hunter to creator of cheese. animals.
With the domestication of cattle, sheep and goats, the need to preserve all the milk produced also arose, and thus this age-old food so appreciated throughout the world was born.
It is estimated that there are more than 10,000 types of cheese, but this is not official data either, it would be impossible, as each country or even each place has a special cheese and its peculiarities. The fact is: cheese is so loved in the four corners of the world that it even earned a date to call its own. Today, January 20th, is the world cheese day .
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Brazil has gained prominence in the cheese world. At the end of 2022, one of the world’s main cheese awards took place, the World Cheese Awards in Wales, and Brazil was present with 15 cheeses that won bronze, silver, gold and even super gold medals: click here to see the full article.
In another competition, this time from the American website “Taste Atlas” , a “queijim” from Minas Gerais was the talk of the world. That’s because the Artisanal Canasta Cheese was elected the best in the world in the ranking of the 50 best cheeses in the world. Click here to check it out.
Between mountains and valleys that wind through São Paulo and Minas Gerais, the Serra da Mantiqueira it holds much more than beautiful landscapes and a cozy climate: it has a rich food production, which sheds light on an excellent gastronomic culture. They are old and new producers who mix tradition with new techniques and market changes.
Not by chance, the cheeses from the region are also surprising, many of them awarded throughout Brazil and made in the most artisanal way possible. José Magalhães, from DOC Mantiqueira, recommends unmissable cheeses, coffees and olive oils produced in the mountains: click here i.
our presenter Daniela Filomeno also fell in love with Mantiqueira and even recorded a very special program that is worth reviewing today.
Another place explored by Dani was the Serra da Bocaina Brazilian territory full of green areas, exuberant nature, inspiring landscapes and, of course, incredible cheese producers. Click here to check out the best cheeses from Serra da Bocaina.

Source: CNN Brasil

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