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Toffoli asks for explanations about the end of information on product validity

Minister Dias Toffoli, of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), sent, this Wednesday (17), to the plenary of the Court, an action presented by the Green Party (PV) against an ordinance of the Ministry of Agriculture, whose content guarantees the unenforceability of the indication of the expiry date of the vegetables.

Toffoli also requested information from the folder within ten days.

In the action, the legend stated that the norm “precarizes” food safety and exposing a severe portion of the Brazilian population to the consumption of foods that are inappropriate for consumption, that is, with the expiration date.

“By releasing the indication of expiration date on vegetables, the questioned rule would have weakened public health and consumer protection, notably those belonging to the lower classes, by allowing the sale or donation of products that would be unfit for consumption. ”, said the party.

The caption also said that such a decree could be an electoral strategy, “aiming to simulate the increase in supply and the decrease in prices of products to the final consumer, in order to reduce the sensitivity of the population to inflation and the economic crisis”.

“Furthermore, the rule would lead to a setback in terms of public health protection and would end up disregarding the duty to protect life, food security for the population in general and consumer protection as a social right of first necessity”, he said.

Source: CNN Brasil

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