Tokyo Olympics: Organizing Committee distributes condoms, but sex banned

The sex is expressly and strictly prohibited due to coronavirus in Tokyo Olympics which are expected to take place in a few weeks from today, however the organizing committee will nevertheless distribute 160,000 condoms to those who take part.

As reported by British newspaper “The Sun”, The organizers of the Games advise the athletes not to have sex during the sporting event.

The distribution condoms is a tradition at the Olympic Games, which began in 1988, mainly to prevent the spread of AIDS. Each athlete will receive approximately 14 condoms, as well as a 33-page instruction book on social distance rules that participants should reverently follow throughout the race.

In this handbook, the organizing committee urges the athletes to «avoid any physical contact, hugs and handshakes». In a relevant statement, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) defended the move, noting: “Our goal is not for athletes to use condoms in the Olympic Village, but take them with them, returning to their homeland».