Tom Cruise appears unrecognizable and fans wonder what happened to his face

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In the world of celebrities it is clear that the vast majority choose plastic surgeries to preserve the beauty with which they triumphed in their early years of careers. However, time is unforgiving and neither are bad surgeries.

Tom Cruise recently attended a baseball game in San Francisco and left everyone wondering what happened to him, because he was unrecognizable. His image made it clear that the years have passed on him and that he is no longer the sexy man in the movies of Mission Impossible.

The fans I was skeptical when they saw it

When they saw him arrive at the stadium, people began to murmur and wonder if he was the actor or not, because his face was very different from how they remembered him. In fact, there were those who assured that they put padding on their cheeks to prevent wrinkles from showing.

Tom Cruise in a baseball stadium Tom Cruise in a baseball stadium

But let’s be honest, the actor is already 59 years old and, of course, he will never look like the 90s when he was a sex symbol and the handsome actor who starred in the biggest action movies. Obviously it has to change, right?

Many came to his defense

Tom Cruise in a baseball stadium

The actor has dedicated his life to the world of action and cinema, that is why many came to his defense, assuring that no one should judge others by how they look. In addition, they mentioned that they should wait for the actor to talk about his image and clarify if his “cachetitos” are due to the fact that he is preparing for a role or if he is inflamed due to an aesthetic intervention.

Tom Cruise in a baseball stadium

Whatever the case, we continue to love the great actor for his personality and work. This makes it clear to us that beauty changes over time and we have to start accepting it.

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