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Tom Holland announces temporary retirement after playing a murderer

Tom Holland is one of the most popular actors in recent years, not only for his charisma, but also for his incredible performances as a superhero (spider-man), delinquent (Cherry), explorer ( Z: The Lost City), treasure hunter (Uncharted) and his most recent work as the assassin of multiple personalities Billy Milligan in the miniseries The Crowded Room from AppleTV+

It is precisely this last interpretation that has forced the British actor to announce his temporary retirement from acting, as it led him to experience previously unknown emotions that he has decided to address prioritizing his mental health.

Tom Holland on red carpet

Tom decided to prioritize his mental health after his performance in the miniseries The Crowded Room, in which he plays Billy Milligan, a man with 24 personalities who was abused as a child and committed serious crimes as an adult.

The star confessed that right now he just wants to be a “regular guy from Kingston and just chill.”

Tom Holland in the series the crowded room

In addition, he assured that he “really enjoyed” making the series, but there was something in his interpretation and in the character’s own history that shattered him emotionally and mentally, leading him to require support from a psychologist on set, friends and family.

It was a difficult time (referring to his performance as Billy) I explored certain emotions that I definitely had never experienced before. There came a time when I thought I needed a break. I disappeared, went to Mexico for a week and spent some time on the beach and chilled out, and now I’m taking a year off and that’s a result of how hard this show was.

The program broke me, but I have grown a lot and changed for the better.

It was this same interpretation that led Holland to say goodbye to alcohol and acquire new habits. Currently, the 27-year-old actor spends time traveling, living more with his family and has even bought some plants to create a small nursery and take care of them.

The Crowded Room is inspired by the novel The Minds of Billy Milligan by Daniel Keyes, which in turn is based on the real life of Billy Milligan, a young man with 24 personalities who was tried for murder. The miniseries will be available from June 9 through AppleTV +.

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