Tommaso Zorzi, Andrea Pucci and homophobia disguised as satire

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We live in a bubble so thick that we do not realize that outside of it the world does not have the colors of the rainbow, but still the worm of prejudice and malice. While numerous brands praise the inclusiveness and value of diversity (which, incidentally, in English does not mean “diversity” but “variety”), we continue to witness prevarications that in 2022 are not only unacceptable, but dangerous. And so, after RaiPlay was forced to make amends for not having uploaded the episode on the transsexuality of a minor contained in the German series online Peppercorns, the comedian Andrea Pucci has seen fit to direct from the stage of his Milanese showthe city that has a metro stop covered in rainbow panels, a homophobic joke addressed to Tommaso Zorzione of those jokes that homosexual boys are unfortunately used to receiving from school and gym friends who cannot resist the temptation to direct their wickedness towards those who are apparently different from them.

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At a certain point of the show, in fact, Pucci turned his attention to the tampons, launching himself into an incorrect monologue: “We spent the whole last year making tampons, we entered these structures where they put the tampon in one nostril, if they were assholes in the other too, if they were even more assholes in the mouth, if instead you were called Zorzi, in the cu * o “, said Pucci meeting, the next day, the reaction of Tommaso Zorzi that , through his very popular Instagram profile, he chose to answer what happened. “The thing that drives me crazy is what do you know where I get it from. How do you claim the right to take the stage and to say that I take it…, it’s a stuff that drives me crazy. Now why does it make you laugh “gay = we all get it …”, three days before the Milan Pride? I don’t know Pucci, I think you owe me an apology ”, explained Zorzi, meeting the solidarity of the public and various professionals.

Tommaso Zorzi and the companion Tommaso Stanzani in the Mulino d’Acqua Bay, Otranto
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More than the joke itself, however, we need to ask ourselves something else: Is it possible that, in 2022, there will still be someone who finds a joke like this funny? Is it possible that in all these decades we have failed to make the ignorant and the superficial understand that the homosexual community is not one of feathers and glitter and that, like everyone else, it needs respect and dignity? Tommaso Zorzi, this time, has courageously chosen not to remain silent and to report the problem, addressing his message directly to Pucci and to all those who laughed at that joke. He did it because more than slogans on social media, it is necessary to make it clear when a certain limit is exceeded in real life, because as long as he teased them forty years old they will continue to arouse hilarity by passing off homophobia as satire we could never really say of having taken a step forward.

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