Ton Weiss: Bitcoin is waiting for the last powerful decline before rising

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Popular cryptocurrency analyst Ton Weiss believes that bitcoin enthusiasts should prepare for the fall of the first cryptocurrency – this will be “the last powerful decline before rising.”

In his next video, Ton Weiss stated that technical analysis indicates a very likely fall of the first cryptocurrency. The BTC rate may well drop to $15,000. Of course, such a fall in Bitcoin will also affect the rates of other cryptocurrencies.

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“I think surrender is quite possible as early as next week. The weekly candle looks terrible. Everything speaks for shorts. The MRI indicator on the monthly charts indicates a buy. However, on the weekly charts, he has been talking about selling for three weeks now. If bitcoin crashes to $14,000 or $15,000, that would be the perfect buy entry point,” the analyst said.

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The Trend Reversal Indicator (MRI) is a fairly complex technical analysis indicator. It is used by experienced traders and analysts, since the results of this indicator should be taken into account only in a comprehensive analysis of the market situation.

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