Tornado Cash adds support for Arbitrum solution

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The developers of the popular ETH mixer Tornado Cash have prepared project smart contracts to support the second level Arbitrum solution.

The mixer allows you to hide the origin of funds and ensure the anonymity of users. The service charges a commission for this. Mixing services are often used by criminals and fraudsters to “launder” the money obtained by criminal means.

When mixing, the service “breaks” the direct link between the sender’s and recipient’s wallets. In addition, Tornado Cash uses zkSnark technology and is non-custodial, so users’ funds remain under their control.

“Smart contracts of the protocol have been finalized and are fully ready for deployment on the Arbitrum solution. All we need is the help and support of the community, ”reads an article on the Tornado Cash blog.

With the arrival of Arbitrum-powered Tornado Cash, users will be able to mix transactions much cheaper. The cost of gas will be just 2.5 units, up from 130 on the Ethereum mainnet.

Note that Tornado Cash is indeed very popular with criminals. So, the mixer was used to launder funds in the case of fraud with the SQUID token and in the hacking of the DeFi PancakeHunny project.

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