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Tornado Cash Laundered $0.5 Million Related to DAOMaker Hack

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The Ethereum address associated with the DAOMaker protocol exploit laundered about 500,000 in the DAI stablecoin. This was independently reported by experts from PeckShield and CertiK.

“PeckShield has determined that an address labeled as a DAOMaker hacker transferred 500,000 DAI to Tornado Cash,” the company wrote.

In August 2021, an unknown person attacked the DAOMaker platform and illegally withdrew more than $7 million in USDC stablecoin.

A year later, the mixing service Tornado Cash was placed on the U.S. Treasury’s sanctions list. The agency suspected the platform of laundering about $7 billion since 2017. Over $455 million of them were associated with North Korean hackers.

Recall that Chainalysis said that they helped recover a cryptocurrency worth more than $30 million from a $625 million Ronin sidechain stolen during the March hack. Hackers actively used the popular Ethereum mixer.

₿liteZero researcher from SlowMist also confirmed that the attackers used Tornado Cash to launder funds stolen from the network of the Axie Infinity game.

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