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Torture room is located by police during inspection at Therapeutic Center in Minas Gerais

During an inspection at a therapeutic center in the rural area of ​​Machado, in the south of Minas Gerais, the Civil Police of Minas Gerais (PCMG), in joint action with the Public Ministry and Health Surveillance, found several irregularities in the sanitary conditions of the place.

Five people who were at the center were arrested for crimes of torture, drug trafficking, ill-treatment, kidnapping, false imprisonment and criminal organization.

According to the police, some inmates at the center, men aged between 19 and 54, reported that they were admitted against their will and suffered physical and psychological torture.

Punishments and punishments, according to inmates, took place in a room inside the center. The police located the room and found several objects such as belts with immobilization bracelets and straps. According to the victims, the objects were used in torture.

The police also found containers identified as drugs and alcohol, containing medicines, as well as boxes of controlled medicines without a medical prescription and blank prescription pads, signed by the doctor in charge, but without indicating their origin.

According to inmates, when someone tried to flee the scene, medications were used to sedate them. The medicines were administered by any employee at the center.

According to the Military Police, the manager of the therapeutic center tried to flee the scene during the inspection but was intercepted and arrested in the act. Checks, cash and a deposit slip were found with him.

During the inspection, documents and folders were seized for investigation and all employees of the establishment were detained and taken to the police station. According to police, investigations continue.

Source: CNN Brasil

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