Totti-Blasi divorce, new twist: the first hearing is skipped

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The date of Tuesday 14 March had long been marked on the calendar of Francesco Totti And Ilary Blasi. Because today the (almost) former spouses should have met face to face in the court civil of Rome for the first hearing of a divorce which promises to be no holds barred. But something messed up the plans, e the fateful appointment has been postponed to a later date. It reveals the Messengerexplaining that one of the two requested and obtained a postponement of the hearing. Probably Totti, hypothesizes the newspaper: the former Captain in fact only appeared in court last Thursday, five days from the start date of the judicial separation. So it is likely that he had need more time to prepare his defense.

The soap opera starring Totti and Blasi has thus been enriched with a new chapter. On the other hand, the two have now become accustomed to the twists and turns. After the surprise announcement ofGoodbye in July 2022, after the new life of both with new partners (Bastian Muller for her, Naomi Bocchi for him), after the «challenge of handbags and Rolexes» which has not yet found an epilogue in court, the first hearing of one is postponed separation that promises to be nightmarish. Because Ilary and Francesco it seems we have not reached an agreement on anything: nor on the economic issue (there is a millionaire fortune at stake), neither on the assignment of the family villa to Eur nor on thecustody of three children (everything yet to be established especially as regards the youngest, the seven-year-old Isabel).

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Meanwhile, Ilary’s lawyers, the lawyers Alessandro Simeone and Pompilia Rossi, have filed other documents including it is not yet clear if there is also a chargeback request of the separation, aimed at attributing the blame for the end of the marriage to Totti. One of the most important issues of the Totti-Blasi divorce is the attribution of guilt: Francesco and Ilary will try to unload the responsibility for the failure of the marriage on each other?

If one of the spouses was blamed, the conditions of the separation would drastically change both as regards the economic aspects and for the very delicate issue of child custody. Totti, in the famous interview with Corriere della Seraon this point he has already put his hands forward: «I wasn’t the one who cheated first». The presenter did not officially respond but a threatening comment came from her staff: «Ilary has seen things in recent years that could ruin fifty families». In short, the divorce of the former golden couple of showbiz seems destined to give gossip addicts great satisfaction. Not immediate, though. The first hearing has been postponed, and the new date is a mystery for now.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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