Touching video: Woman faints, the dog opens the door and calls for help

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A video of a husky reacting to a woman fainting inside a pet shop in China. The woman falls to the ground, the dog leaves his exercise in the hallway, manages to open the special door that has been placed at the entrance and calls for help.

The incident was recorded on April 18. The pet shop worker, whose name has not been released, faints inside the store and at that time two huskies are inside it.

Then Alaska, as the dog’s name suggests, goes to the woman, as if she understands that something is wrong and tries to shake her with her foot. Then the special door opens at the entrance of the store and goes out to seek help.

The clever dog returns with a man, who is the owner of the store, who takes the woman on his shoulders. Alaska returns to where it was and continues to exercise.

The woman was taken to hospital and, according to doctors, fainted due to hypoglycemia. However, her state of health is not a cause for concern.

The owner of Alaska said that his dog is incredibly smart and understands many of the commands he gives him.

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