Tourism expects to move BRL 175 million with Brazilians in the Qatar Cup, says association

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The post-pandemic moment and the passion for football are driving the demand of Brazilians for flights and packages to watch the World Cup in Qatar, in November this year.

Accredited agencies for the event that offer accommodation and tickets for the games estimate that this will be the world’s biggest financial event in history.

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For the president of the Brazilian Association of Tour Operators (Braztoa), Roberto Nedelciu, the Cup has always been an important movement for the sector, but the post-pandemic moment may have further stimulated this demand for travel itineraries.

“After so much time at home, traveling is among people’s main desires and the current scenario of advanced vaccination, opening borders and controlling the pandemic contributes to the increase in demand for travel, not only for an event as great as the World Cup, but also for destinations in Brazil and around the world”, highlighted the president of Braztoa.

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While in 2018, Russia reached US$ 19 million (R$ 101 million, at the current price), sales to Qatar have already registered, in the first half alone, US$ 25 million (R$ 133 million).

The expectation is that the event exceeds the turnover of US$ 33 million (R$ 175 million) by the end of the year.

According to Paulo Castello Branco, vice president of special projects at Grupo Águia, one of the agencies accredited for the World Cup, 87% of the packages have already been sold.

“We’ve sold practically everything. Last week I bought 60 more rooms in a five star hotel. A little over a year ago, we purchased 194 places at this hotel. And now I’ve added 60 more rooms because the demand is impressive. And I also bought another 60 rooms in another hotel that is inside the same complex”, says Castello Branco.

THE CNN raised with CVC and Grupo Águia that a four-day hospitality package costs, on average, US$ 8,240, that is, almost R$ 44 thousand per person.

The itinerary includes accommodation in a five-star hotel, two tickets to watch the matches from a box, one being a Brazilian game and another random match, Brazilian guide, transfer and entry to an official private event.

The most luxurious categories have been sold out since April this year.

In addition, agencies that offer air tickets also registered high demand for the destination during the tournament period. The Kayak platform added more than 1,200% increase in searches for flights to Qatar in the first half of 2022 alone.

At, between the first and second quarters, there was a 110% increase in searches. Tickets have ranged from R$6,000 to R$14,000 for economy class.

“Clearly it is a reflection of the approaching World Cup and Brazilians, as a people passionate about football as they are, are looking for their destiny and want to accompany it in person”, evaluates Daniela Araujo, director of Flights at Decolar.

FIFA reported that nearly two million tickets have already been sold for the World Cup.

Prices for international audiences range from 250 Qatari Rial (R$360), Category 3 for group stage matches, to 5,850 Qatari Rial (R$8,460), Category 1 for the final of the tournament.

Source: CNN Brasil

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