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Towards a “very professional” transition between Trump and Biden?


While Donald Trump is gradually beginning to recognize the victory of his Democratic opponent Joe Biden in the US presidential election, the transition between the outgoing Republican administration and the new Democratic administration remains unresolved. However, Donald Trump’s national security adviser to the United States said Monday, November 16 that “If it is determined that the Biden / Harris ticket is the winner, and obviously it appears to be the case now, we will have a very professional transition from the National Security Council, there is no doubt.

Robert O’Brien added that the country had had “peaceful and successful transitions even in the most contentious times”. Out of step, therefore, with President Trump, he also said that Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris had “very professional people” on their team, able to take over the reins. “They deserve to have a little time to arrive and implement their policies,” he added.


Joe Biden is due to be elected president on January 20, whether or not Donald Trump concedes defeat, but the agency that manages the federal bureaucracy, the General Services Administration, refuses to certify his victory, depriving him of classified information. and means to prepare for the transition.

Longtime Republican lawyer Robert O’Brien also appeared to acknowledge the election results by referring to efforts to free Austin Tice, an American journalist missing in Syria. “We are doing everything we can to get Austin back,” he said. “The president would like to see him back before he leaves his post.”

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