Trader named five coins ready to rise

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Crypto trader and youtuber Aaron Arnold has identified the top five altcoins to explode as crypto markets grow.

In a new video, 998,000 analyst subscribers on YouTube learned that the analyst is very optimistic about the prospects for the Chainlink decentralized oracle token.

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Chainlink is a blue chip of sorts … No other crypto oracle besides Chainlink is doing it on the same scale as Chainlink … LINK seems to be gearing up for a breakout as it is about to find itself in a bullish cycle.

In evaluating Polkadot (DOT), Arnold quoted a cryptanalyst who believes the interoperable blockchain will follow in the footsteps of the explosive altcoin Solana (SOL).

This analyst says DOT could replicate Solana’s success by getting the mainstream vibes out of it. It has deviated several times, but I think that this trajectory (the close of the weekly candlestick), the relation to the previous all-time high, indicates that the race has not actually taken place yet. I hope he shines like SOL in the next couple of weeks.

As for Elrond (EGLD), the crypto trader emphasizes that the internet-scale blockchain has recently formed a golden cross, a bullish signal when the 50-day moving average (MA) crossed the 200-day MA.

Here Arnold quoted another analyst who believes that during the previous two gold crosses, the EGLD reached a new all-time high in 62 days. Following these forecasts, the EGLD should hit the $ 2,500 mark on October 18th.

Next comes rival Ethereum Avalanche (AVAX), which, according to the crypto trader, is gaining momentum as users join the smart contract platform.

We saw what happened with Solana and AVAX is very similar to it in my opinion. AVAX is gaining popularity and increasing the price because it attracts many [пользователей].

The latest coin on a trader’s radar is the privacy-focused Mina Protocol (MINA), which Arnold says is backed by the best venture capital firms in the crypto industry. He adds that long-term MINA holders have little reason to sell because of the staking mechanics.

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