TradeStation Crypto: Sharp BTC Pullback Balances Market Environment


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Bitcoin has fallen more than 20% in three days and the negative trend continues to dominate. Last Friday, the BTC rate was approaching $ 42,000, the day before the coin fell to $ 31,000. On the night of Tuesday, January 12, the cryptocurrency was able to win back a little, and now it is holding around $ 36,250.

According to James Putro, Vice President of TradeStation Crypto, a Bitcoin rollback was inevitable and even necessary.

The cryptocurrency has been growing in value over the past few months. This trend began to instill fears in many observers at the very beginning of January. The higher bitcoin rose in price, the more experts feared that the fall would be inevitable and painful. highlighted the top manager.

He also noted that the sharp pullback of BTC has balanced the market environment. Thus, the risks of chaos were minimized. which could be provoked by players who believe in the endless growth of cryptocurrency.

AvaTrade strategist Naim Aslam shares a similar point of view. On the air of CNN, he called yesterday’s fall a “healthy correction” that had been expected for a long time.

Aslam stressed:

Now is not the time to panic, but you need to look at the new opportunities with optimism, as the race is not over yet and it [биткоин]is likely to dash again.

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