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Traffic “security” who posted videos threatening police officers is arrested in Santos

A 22-year-old man, appointed as responsible for armed security at drug trafficking points, was captured by the Civil Police this Friday (12) in Santos, after an operation coordinated by the city's 2nd Narcotics Investigations Station (Dise).

The suspect, who was on the run, gained notoriety for sharing threatening videos on social media, in which he displayed firearms, including rifles and pistols, as well as grenades, and directed threats at public security agents.

The arrest took place on Marapé Hill, where the individual worked. His role, according to investigations, was to provide armed security for drug sales points in the region, in addition to shooting at police officers who tried to enter the area. Dise agents had already been monitoring the suspect, with arrest and search warrants issued by the courts, the police went to the address and captured him.

During the operation, several items related to criminal activity were found in the captured man's residence, including backpacks, camouflage clothing and radio communicators. In addition, two bricks of marijuana and three cell phones were seized, which contained records of communications between local drug dealers.

The detained individual was sent to the penitentiary system, where he will await the next legal measures. The case was registered as execution of a search and seizure warrant, capture of a wanted person, drug trafficking and association for trafficking in the 2nd District of Santos.

*Under the supervision of André Rigue

Source: CNN Brasil

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