Tragedy in Crete: This is the grandfather who drowned trying to save his grandchildren

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The death of his grandfather has spread grief in Lanarkshire as well died trying to save his grandchildren in Gouves, Heraklion, Crete. This is 61-year-old Jonathan Smith from Scotland who was a retired worker in the British national health system.

The devastated 61-year-old son, David, tells the Sun: “I can not believe I will never see him again. I loved him very much. He is my hero. I still can not believe that he went on vacation and I will not see him again. “It’s an unexpected tragedy.”

The chronicle of the tragedy

It all started when the two boys 7 and 10 years old entered the sea, however the weather was not good and the children were in danger of being swept away by the waves. Their grandfather then dived into the sea to save them.

However the waves were big and in combination with the strong sea currents that existed on the rocky point made his work very difficult. According to information, the 10-year-old boy managed to get out of the sea almost alone, while the 61-year-old, after overwork to get his 7-year-old grandson out of the sea, he fell, according to eyewitnesses, at sea with face.

A boat of the Greek Navy, which arrived, found it difficult to reach the spot, due to the prevailing weather conditions. According to information, a lifeguard fell into the sea and located the man, whom he tried with great difficulty to transport to the boat, with the port authorities making a great effort to receive the (lifeless as it turned out) body of the grandfather.

Eventually, they managed to retrieve the body, which will be examined by a medical examiner, who will decide on the exact causes of his death. The two children were transported by EKAB ambulances to Venizelio Hospital.

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