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Tragedy in Libya: The last moments of the children of the Greek president of the Benghazi community

The last photos of Angela and Philip Mandalios, his two children Greek president of the community of Benghazi who were killed in traffic accident in Libyathey are shown a few hours before the traffic accident through the aircraft that carried her Greek aid mission in the trying Libya.

The two brothers volunteered as interpreters in the mission, as their object was to aid as much as they could the efforts of their countrymen. As their friends mention in their farewell messages on social media.

The photos were posted by their Libyan friend, Gaballah Mohameed, on his Facebook page.

On their way to participating in the search and rescue operations in the affected areas .. the Greek rescue team was exposed to a traffic accident on Friday…

Posted by Gaballah Mohammed on Monday, September 18, 2023

Source: News Beast

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