Tragedy in Texas: 3-year-old found loaded gun at home, shot and killed her 4-year-old sister

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Tragedy occurred in Texas and specifically in Houston, when a 3-year-old girl found a loaded gun at home and pulled the trigger, resulting in shoot her 4-year-old sister, who died.

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In accordance with foxnews.comthe incident took place in an apartment where there were five adults, namely the parents of the children together with their friends.

The girls were left alone in a bedroom at some point during the night because one parent believed the other was watching them, the sheriff said. The 3-year-old then found a loaded handgun and fired once, hitting her sister.

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The parents heard the shot and rushed to the bedroom, secured the gun and reported the incident to the authorities, while it was later determined that the 4-year-old had died.

Source: News Beast

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