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Tragedy in the Philippines: 17 dead in a car accident with a bus that fell into the ravine from a height of 30 meters

A bus deviated from its course in a dangerous bend and fell into a ravine on the main roads Philippinesresulting in 17 of those on board losing their lives, a local official said today.

The vehicle was moving in a section of road where it is often “accidents” in the municipality of Amtik, Antike province, when it veered off course yesterday afternoon, the head of the regional disaster management service, Roderick Train, explained in a press release issued by the service.

In addition to the seventeen people who lost their lives, seven others are hospitalized in critical condition in hospital and four more are in stable condition, the official told AFP.

“It is a mountain road, the bus fell from a great height. That’s why accident it had so many victims,” ​​he explained. The vehicle fell into the ravine from a height of 30 meters.

According to eyewitnesses, the vehicle suffered a “mechanical breakdown”, Mr. Train added, stressing that the driver “lost control” of the bus due to a “probable brake malfunction.” The search and rescue operation was completed in the morning, according to him. Authorities will try to retrieve the bus later, he added.

Fatal traffic accidents are common in the Philippines, where drivers not infrequently flout the traffic code, vehicles are often poorly maintained or overloaded, and the road network has many spots known as death traps.

Source: News Beast

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