Tragedy in the US: A 5-month-old baby was shot dead in Chicago

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His news has caused shock in the USA death of a 5-month-old infant, who was accepted shots while sitting in the back of a car on his South Side Chicago.

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The little girl was hit in the head by a gunman riding in another vehicle and so far has no arrest for the incident.

American media report that the little girl who died of blindness in Chicago has been identified as Cecilia Thomas and in four days she would be 6 months old. A 41-year-old man who was riding in another vehicle and was shot in the eye was also injured during the shooting incident, according to the Chicago police.

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So far no arrest has been made for the incident, while the media and social media are calling on the perpetrator to surrender to save his conscience. “You just took the life of this baby. “This baby was a baby, this baby did nothing to you,” Chicago mayoral candidate Ja’Mal Green said in a Twitter post, offering a $ 5,000 reward for information leading to the shooting.

Source: News Beast

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