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Tragic death of two-year-old from rare pigeon virus – ‘He’s only the fifth person we know of who has died from it’

A small child He died after suffering from a rare disease viruswhich usually offends pigeons. In fact, this is only the 5th case of death recorded from this disease.

The two-year-old girl was taken to Prince of Wales Hospital in New South Wales, Australia. three weeks after becoming ill and experiencing nausea, vomiting and other symptoms of a common cold, according to the nation’s Centers for Disease Control and Preventionas reported by the “New York Post”.

He suffered from leukemia

Six months before the onset of symptoms, he completed his second round of chemotherapy to treat the leukemia he had been diagnosed with.

Her condition, after being taken to the hospital, became worse day by day and within four days she was recorded as having seizures, while her fever would not go down.

The doctors ran a series of tests but did not find anything that could provide answers and explain why the child’s health was not improving and the swelling in the brain was not going down, even though he was given strong medication, including antivirals, antibiotics and drugs, to fight seizures. It ended 27 days after he was admitted to the hospital.

After the child died, tests were carried out to find out what had killed him and they revealed that he had a disease that affects birds, APMV-1, which causes Newcastle disease. This is a highly contagious disease, affecting birds and birds, usually pigeons. Doctors now they claim that the little girl died from the swelling of the brain, caused by the aforementioned diseasewhich started through her nose or mouth when she came into contact with contaminated pigeon droppings or secretions from an infected pigeon.

The first human case of APMV-1 occurred in Australia in 1942. Since then, 485 cases have been reported worldwide, with more than half occurring in the US and Britainwhile before the girl’s death four others had been recorded in the Netherlands, USA, China and France.

Source: News Beast

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