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Tragic prediction from the UN: Famine is expected in the northern Gaza Strip between now and May

There is no end to the suffering of the Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip, where they now face death every day. In addition to the war and shortages of basic food items, the UN announced today that famine is expected between now and May in the northern Gaza Strip, where 300,000 people remain trapped by the conflict. Across the Gaza Strip, the number of people facing a situation of “catastrophic hunger” has risen to 1.1 million – half the enclave's population, according to the report by the Integrated Food Security Classification (IPC) . “Famine is predicted and imminent in northern Gaza and the Gaza Governorate and is expected to occur from mid-March 2024 until May 2024,” the text reads. In the previous IPC report in December, the World Food Program and the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) considered a famine “likely” until the end of May in northern Gaza. Now, they believe […]
Source: News Beast

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