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Trailer for the Mamonas Assassinas biopic will be released next Tuesday

Imagem Filmes officially announced the release date of the biopic trailer “Killer Mamonas – The Impossible Does Not Exist “, which is scheduled for next Tuesday (31).

In the film, Alberto Hinoto plays Bento, Robson Lima is Júlio Rasec, Adriano Tunes is Samuel Reoli and Rener Freitas plays Sergio Reoli.

Under the general direction of Edson Spinello, the film narrates the trajectory and obstacles faced by the group of five artists. The film should hit theaters on January 18, 2024.

This work of fiction, inspired by real events, will focus not on the tragedy that took the lives of the members, but on the challenges faced by the friends originally from Guarulhos.

The accident

The members of the band Mamonas Assassinas, composed of Dinho (vocals), Bento Hinoto (guitar), Júlio Rasec (keyboard), Samuel Reis de Oliveira (bass) and Sérgio Reis (drums), died in a tragic plane crash on March 2 1996.

They were on board a private aircraft that collided with Serra da Cantareira, in São Paulo, during an attempt to land at Cumbica Airport, in Guarulhos.

The accident resulted in the loss of all band members, as well as the pilot and co-pilot. At the time, the news shocked Brazil and marked the premature end of the group’s career, which had achieved great success and won over a legion of fans in a short period of time.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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