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Train collision in Tempe: “How much I will miss your little hands” – The touching “goodbye” of Anastasia Adamidou’s friend

After her partner, the friends of the Cypriot Anastasia Adamidou with their words, saying goodbye to the student. The unfortunate girl was one of the victims of the tragic accident in Tempe and she was only 24 years old, a dentist who was continuing her studies by doing a master’s degree. Today, Monday, March 6, funeral of Anastasia Adamidou will take place at 2 in the afternoon, in the Holy Church Agioi Anargyroi in Paphos.

On the three days of Clean Monday, Anastasia had left Thessaloniki for an excursion with her friends in Bulgaria and then went to Athens for the swearing in of a good friend of hers. It was to be her last trip…H Nadia Kakusandze posted a video in which he talks about the lost girl: “Who dared to take these dreams from you, who dared to take you away from us. I won’t say goodbye my little one, because you will live forever in my heart”.

The message of Anastasia Adamidou’s friend

Who would have thought that a coritsi 19 years old and me 28 we would meet by chance in our second year of dentistry and bond so much.

The list of our names put us side by side and for five years we were together every day. In every workshop, in every clinic, in every break, in every difficult moment, we were there for each other, either solving questions, or holding the breath as helpers.

How I will miss these little ones your warm little hands, that I used to tease you and say how similar these are to those of my children.

I will miss that beautiful smile of yours, with which you used to greet me by saying “good morning, my Nandiula”, as you used to call me.

You said quietly to me “come on daughter let’s take selfies, let’s remember them” you said, as if you knew it…

You were serious when you needed to be, funny where you needed to be, you were a kind soul, you were a girl who stood out in my heart.

Here in this photo, it was our first meeting after graduation, that we had dared to say out loud our dreams, our plans. You had already been selected as a master’s degree in the field of prosthetics, which you wanted so much and you ended up making your dreams come true.

In a statement, the family on the one hand clarified that they will not accept condolences and on the other hand requested that contributions be made instead of wreaths to support the family of a relative with a serious health problem.

The family begged them Media to respect her wish and not to cover it in the press funeral procession and burial. We understand the public interest, the family adds, however, notes, “it is our earnest plea that these very sensitive personal moments be do not be exposed and publicity”.

Source: News Beast

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