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Training to lose weight: see 4 exercises analyzed by experts

Today, a simple search on social media is enough to find out how to do a certain bodybuilding exercise and get training tips for weight loss. The search can lead the user to find several different video options, with a large amount of information – and also misinformation.

With that in mind, the CNN selected 5 videos from the main fitness influencers on YouTube, with suggestions for training to lose weight. The report also spoke to experts in the field to analyze and understand whether the information provided by the influencers made sense and whether it was really beneficial.

The selection of creators and videos was made with the help of the data team at CNN , which listed the biggest creators on the Winnin platform in the “Exercise & Wellbeing” category. Afterwards, a screening was carried out among the published videos to identify terms such as “best exercise” and “best training”, as well as titles that contained information supposedly based on scientific studies.

Finally, with the help of Pinpoint, a Google journalism tool, it was possible to check what the best exercises for weight loss . You can see the transcription of the videos on page of CNN on Pinpoint.

Exercises to lose weight

Among the content about “exercises to lose weight ”, the following videos were selected:

Among these videos, according to the analysis carried out by Pinpoint, the exercises that were most repeated were:

  1. Jump squat;
  2. Box jump;
  3. HIIT training;
  4. Burpee.

See what the experts consulted said about these exercises.

Jump squat

According to Fábio Dominski, university professor and Ph.D. in physical education, the jump squat can be suggested in training for weight loss due to its dynamic nature. However, it does not have greater potential than other weight loss exercises, such as traditional squats.

“The public who is interested in losing weight, generally overweight and obese people, generally receive instructions to make an intense effort, such as through exercises like these”, he comments. But Dominski says this can reduce exercise adherence.

“Researchers have highlighted the phenomenon of extreme exercise avoidance in obesity, which results in very low participation rates and high dropout rates, as burpees and jump squats are complex and difficult exercises to perform, especially in the obese population”, he adds. .

Box jump

The box jump appears in two of the selected videos – by Vivi Winkler and Laércio Refundini. In the first video, it is suggested to use a bench or box to perform the exercise, but there is also an observation that beginners should use low-height objects to perform it.

On the other hand, Refundini suggests that the height for the jump “is challenging”, with at least 50 to 70 cm. The influencer argues that this will make the practitioner “burn more calories”.

According to André Pedrinelli, sports doctor and orthopedist, exercises performed with a box involve great flexion of the joints and, therefore, are not recommended for beginners. “For those who do not have well-prepared joints, this type of exercise is not recommended”, says the specialist to CNN .

HIIT training

HIIT training (High Intensity Interval Training) is mentioned in videos by Carol Borba and Gabriel Arones as a more intense aerobic exercise option for weight loss and as a good alternative for burning energy in a shorter time. Typically, this type of exercise alternates a period of intense movement and a period of rest (for example, 1 minute running followed by 1 minute walking on the treadmill for 10 minutes straight).

“A caution that few take when recommending HIIT is that, despite saving time, it can generate displeasure due to the high effort,” says Dominski.

According to the expert, scientific literature already recognizes that high exercise intensities, for most people, can make them experience less pleasure in physical activity. “Basically, there is no point in saving time if the exercise experience is bad and the practitioner does not want to repeat it. Consistency matters more than intensity,” he says.


The burpee, like the jump squat, usually appears in weight loss exercise recommendations due to its dynamicity. However, as it is a high-intensity modality, it can suffer from low adherence.

“The burpee, especially, causes shortness of breath. Furthermore, it generates heavier impacts on the joints and, psychologically, causes deep concern about being negatively evaluated by other people. [no ambiente da academia]causing social anxiety”, comments Dominski.

After all, is it worth relying on online videos to practice physical exercises?

In general, online videos with bodybuilding tips and exercises for weight loss can be accessible and easy-to-understand ways for amateur athletes to obtain information about training . However, according to experts interviewed by CNN this type of content can bring benefits and harms.

For Dominski, among the advantages is the autonomy of the practitioner being able to choose the type of exercise and the frequency of training, in addition to being able to carry out many workouts at home. However, he warns of the risks that these contents can pose, such as the lack of professional supervision.

Furthermore, he reinforces that the most important thing is adherence and consistency in training. “Researchers suggest worrying less about variables and more about getting people to actually train, that is, the factors that influence adherence to training. On this topic – motivation, what matters most, I observe that there are few influencers talking”, he concludes.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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