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Trancoso, on the south coast of Bahia, is the stage for the 4th edition of the Organic Festival

Trancoso, on the south coast of Bahia, is the stage for the 4th edition of the Organic Festival

Between the days September 27th and October 1st the hotels UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa, Pousada Capim Santo, Pousada Tutabel, Fasano Trancoso, and the restaurants Tartarugas and Floresta receive the fourth edition of Organic Festival Trancoso in the south of Bahia.

Created by UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa and the gastronomic expert Charles Piriou, the Organic Festival Trancoso aims to promote the Bahian destination as a reference in sustainable tourism in Brazil and around the world. Through experiences around gastronomy, the event brings together chefs from across the country, food producers, environmental organizations such as international conservation, the local community and tourists for experiences about sustainability, preservation and well-being.

In the 2023 edition, renowned gastronomy figures will be present: Morena Leite (Capim Santo, São Paulo), Sandra Marques (Capim Santo, Trancoso), Roberta Sudbrack (Sud the green bird, Rio de Janeiro), Narda Lepes (El Comedor, Buenos Aires), Gabriela Barretto (Future Refectory, São Paulo), Ana Soares (Table III, São Paulo), Aimonna Catarine (Pousada Tutabel, Trancoso), Onildo Rocha (Priceless Space, São Paulo), Ariani Malouf (Mahalo, Cuiabá), Leila Malouf (Buffet Leila Malouf, Cuiabá), Patricia Helu (Caracolla, São Paulo), Diego Cartier (Vivente Vinhos, Rio Grande do Sul), José Branco (Fasano Trancoso), Luigi Moressa (Gero, Rio de Janeiro), Thiago Medeiros (Respiro, Brazil), Poliana Depret (Turtles, Trancoso), Paulo Sitolini (São João Batista, Trancoso), Jandira (Forest, Trancoso), Danielle Dahoui (Ruella, São Paulo), Laura Miranda (São Paulo), Rodrigo Valente (Jabalí, São Paulo), Leonardo Andrade It is Fernando Goldenstein (Cia dos Fermentados, São Paulo).

The Organic Festival Trancoso program spans five days and includes signature lunches and dinners, free classes and lectures, a community picnic with a food fair and a closing luau.

Residents of Trancoso and tourists are invited to immerse themselves in the earth-to-table concept, experimenting with recipes using ingredients from the rich local biodiversity, such as uçá crabs from RESEX Canavieiras, cocoa, biri-biri, coconut, local algae from the Marine Extractive Reserve from Corumbau and other foods native to the Atlantic Forest biome such as Juçaí, the brand of organic açaí made in a totally sustainable way from the wild fruit of the Juçara Palm.

Since its foundation in 2018, Organic Festival Trancoso has worked in partnership with Associação Despertar Trancoso in order to promote education about healthy eating through initiatives such as cooking classes and the maintenance of an educational organic garden. Also joining the event are the NGO Conservation International and Aliança Futuri, which promote actions to protect the ecosystems of the Abrolhos region, including projects aimed at fishing communities, forest restoration and the strengthening of sustainable and regenerative tourism.

Official agenda

Wednesday September 27th – 9am

SE7E Sintropia & UXUA Roça

Immersion in local producers

Free | Tickets (73) 99950-6440

12pm – Lunch at the wood stove

120 reais per person | Tickets (73) 99950-6440

Thursday 28th September

9am – Pousada Tutabel: Immersive experience at RPPN Rio Brasil

Free | Tickets (73) 3668-2848

10am – International Conservation & Party House

The construction of a Seed Collectors Network in the region

7pm – Pousada Capim Santo: Dinner for eight hands

Morena Leite & Sandra Marques and Ariana & Leila Malouf

260 reais per person | Reservations (73) 99990-5817

Friday September 29th

9am – Despertar Trancoso Association: Cooking class with Patricia Helu

Free | Tickets (73) 98886-9658

1pm – UXUA Maré on Itapororoca Beach: Lunch by Roberta Sudbrack

350 reais per person | Reservations (73) 99950-6440

3pm – International Conservation & Party House

Lecture on Forest restoration

5pm – Soul Nest

Morena Leite & Leila Malouf

250 reais per person / Reservations (73) 99852-3851

8pm – UXUA Quadrado: Dinner by Narda Lepes

320 reais per person | Reservations (73) 99950-6440

Saturday September 30th

9am to 7pm – Home Organic Festival

Conservation International Brazil & Casa das Festas

Classes & Lectures

Free | Tickets (73) 99950-6440

Granolas with chef Thiago Medeiros

Natural fermentation of foods with Cia dos Fermentados & UXUA Vida

Regenerative Tourism with Futuri & CI-Brazil

Cuisine with cocoa and chocolate from Bahia with Danielle Dahoui

Brazilian Vanilla with Vanilla School

Homemade healthy cooking with Laura Miranda

Natural wines with Diego Cartier

1pm – Praia das Tartarugas: Lunch by Ana Soares, Poly Depret & Paulo Sitolini

350 reais per person | Reservations (73) 99808-0339

1pm – Floresta: Lunch by Gabriela Barretto & Jandira

280 reais per person | Reservations (73) 99804-2323

8pm – Pousada Tutabel: Dinner by Onildo Rocha & Aimonna Catarine

320 reais per person | Reservations (73) 3668-2848

Sunday October 1st

1pm – Fasano Trancoso: Lunch by Zé Branco & Luigi Moressa

280 reais per person | Reservations: (73) 3018-2954

3pm- Trancoso Square: Picnic Organic Festival

Chefs’ dishes, producers’ fair and açaí Juçaí

Open to the public

7pm – UXUA Beach: Luau by Thiago Medeiros

Pocket-show Amanda Magalhães & DJ Ubuntu

Closing | Open to the public

Source: CNN Brasil