Trans people today occupy unimaginable places, says congresswoman Erika Hilton

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The federal deputy elected by São Paulo Erika Hilton, from PSOL, evaluates, in this month of Trans Visibility, that there is much to celebrate in the movement.

She is the first trans woman to represent the state in the National Congress and obtained the ninth highest number of votes.

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In an interview with CNN Radio on CNN No Plural +, she stated that “we are moving forward, slowly and with resistance from part of society, but we occupy previously unimaginable places.”

“Whether in art, culture, politics, music, we have to celebrate the steps we have taken”, he added.

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However, she warns that the “State is still silent and negligent”, since there are “no defense policies for this part of the population, or even a gender identity law.”

“Congress has always silenced this population, the achievements we have were in the Judiciary”, he lamented.

For this reason, the deputy sees that there is much to advance in public policies aimed at the marginalized population.

During her tenure, Erika Hilton stated that “health and education are two points very dear” to her, and not just in the LGBTQIA+ universe.

“I was elected deputy for São Paulo and I want to discuss policies that involve the state, city and also the country, we will give priority to homeless people and the increase in hunger in Brazil, which are related to the black community, single mothers and the community LGBTQIA+.”

Inauguration of Reference Center

Last week, the city of São Paulo inaugurated the Reference Center for Health Care for Transgender and Transvestite People.

Erika said she was happy to see a project she fought for get off the ground, and that she considers the initiative “extremely important.”

“There is a wrong logic that the health of trans people is restricted to hormone therapy or sex reassignment surgery, when in fact we are a group of specificities common to any person and we need to look at integral health.”

According to the parliamentarian, the expectation is that other Centers use São Paulo as an example and are opened both in the state and in other locations in Brazil.

Source: CNN Brasil

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