Transferable skills: so videogames and TikTok become useful for the job

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A change of perspective: if until recently TikTok and video games they were seen as useless time eaters, now they have become good viable for tomorrow’s work. A group of Australian experts, after a series of research, has in fact established that the skills acquired by making videos for TikTok or moving into the magical world of video games, can be transferred to the workplace and be quite useful. They affect, for example, the creativity and on the ability to solve problems. In jargon they are called “transferable skills», Or to bring skills developed elsewhere in another field:« Creating content on TikTok can show employers the creative side, the sense of humor and, why not, the knowledge of a certain topic. These skills can be useful for a variety of roles, particularly in advertising, sales, digital marketing and the arts, ”explain from Seek, the large recruiting agency that carried out this research.

Transferable skills represent a dynamic combination of cognitive, intellectual and practical attitudes that allow a candidate to adapt to the different challenges of the job market.

Gamers, as we know, put it into practice eexcellent data analysis skills: the statistical analysis of the game conducted by many MMO players (massively multiplayer online ) is adapted for example to the data analysis techniques used by financial companies and the problem solving aspects of these games can be applied to the complex analyzes that funded consultants have to do all the time. And what about the development of the team play for those players used to Overwatch oh League of Legends or of leadership management who know well those players who make up a raiding guild in World of Warcraft?

In short, inserting in the curriculum that you are videogame champions could lead you to get a few more points.

And Tik Tok also helps: that social media is not so detached from the professional world can also be deduced from a report recently published by Axios, where it says that TikTok stay testing a new job search tool, which would allow brands to recruit employees directly through the platform, thus reaching all those very young people who have never signed up for LinkedIn. At the moment, however, this is only a function in development, but it seems that this is the way.

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