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transgender law: London wants to stop Scotland

The law approved last December by Scottish Parliament it could be the first one vetoed by the UK central government. It’s about the transgender law, the one that makes it possible to change gender on documents with a self-certification already at 16 years of age. Rishi Sunak’s government is ready to resort to a prerogative never used before by London.

The law was approved with a good majority by the Edinburgh Parliament, but was strongly contested by MPs and ministers and in particular by feminist groups, including the writer JK Rowling, who accused Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon of attacking women’s rights. They say that the spaces reserved for women, especially the vulnerable ones, will be limited by this law. The writer has created a reception center for victims of violence reserved only for biologically such women.

In London there would be a common front between Conservatives and Labor against the transgender law. Prime Minister Sunak would block the law because it would violate UK legislation on gender equalitywould lead to difficulties in gender recognition by the other nations of the Kingdom and put at risk the safety of women in the spaces reserved for them.

The Edinburgh government is ready to appeal to the Supreme Court against what it considers an unacceptable intrusion, the same court that rejected the latest request for a referendum on Scotland’s independence. The two issues are, to varying degrees, a reason for strong confrontation between Edinburgh and London. Passing interference on the transgender law for Scotland would mean giving the British government the opportunity to intervene on other measures as well.

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