Transgender teacher with huge breasts divisive – School stands by him

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A school community in the Canadabecause one trans teacher shows up at school with a huge fake bosomwith some people supporting his choice, while others believe he is doing it on purpose, using diversity as an excuse.

According to nypost.comthe particular teacher teaches at Halton District School Board High School located in the Oakville area, about 20 miles outside of Toronto. Initially, the case became known when A video of the teacher operating a hacksaw in the classroom was released onlinewhile she was wearing tight black shorts and had balloon-like breasts, which had drooped and nipples were visible.

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Since then, more videos and photos have started to be circulated by the students, resulting in protests. In fact, some students deliberately do not attend the teacher’s classes and demand that he change immediately.

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“He’s a clown,” he said and added that “it seems sexist to me, because of the exaggerated nature of those breasts with protruding nipples. I think a lot of young women at school wouldn’t just feel uncomfortable, they’d feel ridiculed.”

Yes, O Toronto Sun editor Anthony Furywriting about the event, noted that “this has nothing to do with trans rights… The story has gone viral not because the teacher identifies as transgender. It’s gone viral because everyone knows it’s completely inappropriate to present yourself this way in a professional setting».

Source: News Beast

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