Transsexual athletes, Vladimir Luxuria: “In competition with women, but without advantages”

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The competition field this flight is mined. From prejudices, personal opinions, objective data and contingent situations. Transsexuals in women’s competitions make arguments. At Vanity Fair Vladimir Luxuria explains his point of view which coincides with the rules established by the International Olympic Committee. “It is certainly a very broad speech, which deserves attention and a just solution – explains the former parliamentarian – I am convinced that the right path has been taken.

I believe the rules so far established by the International Olympic Committee are the right compromise to put everyone in agreement ».

In reality, opinions are still very conflicting, because there are those who believe that one transsexual has the right to compete with women without further “precautions” and those who argue instead that being born in a male body can give them an unfair advantage, especially in some specialties.

At the moment, the IOC has determined that to be admitted to a female competition, transsexuals must have a level of testosterone (the male hormone) below 10 nanomoles per liter. In case their body produces more, for the ok we need the intervention of medicines which, obviously under strict medical supervision, bring the relationship within the permitted limits. A thorny issue that has aroused much controversy, especially from those who argue that altering natural values ​​through drugs can be dangerous for the health of athletes.

The case of Caster Semenya, a South African athlete who decided to appeal against the sentence of the International Arbitration Tribunal of Lausanne (TAS) which required her to undergo medical “treatment” to decrease androgen hormone levels was a boom. Only in this way, in fact, could she continue to compete among professionals in the disciplines of athletics.

The main news however is that Caster Semenya is not a man who has decided to change sex, but a woman with a much higher than normal testosterone level. “I am a woman and I am a world-class athlete – denounces Semenya – the IAAF, the International Association of Athletics Federations, cannot drug me or make me stop being who I am”.

Taking the matter to court has made Caster Semenya the standard-bearer of the matter and obviously a champion of the rights of sports transsexuals. Among the athletes, in fact, there are two sides. More than a few, losing to a transsexual screamed scam. For the record, it must be said that 5 nmol / l of testosterone is already a “generous” range, as the average percentage in a woman barely reaches 3 nmol / l.

Returning to transsexuals, the world of sport is working on a final decision. “I believe that common sense should prevail – continues Vladimir Luxuria. I don’t practice sport at a competitive level, but certainly, if I did, I wouldn’t want to be considered someone who tries to win irregularly. For this reason, I believe that the solution found by the CIO is the right one. Bringing back the testosterone level of transsexuals in line with female parameters is equivalent to eliminating any alleged advantage».

Because, after all, as always, the important thing will also be to participate, but everyone and everyone wants to win.

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