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Transvestite Marina Mathey wins Bibi Ferreira Award and marks unprecedented achievement

In celebration and recognition of national theater productions, the Bibi Ferreira Award had a historic milestone last Wednesday (21): for the first time in history, a transvestite won and took home a trophy.

Marina Mathey was recognized as the best supporting actress in a musical for her work in “Brenda Lee and the Palace of the Princesses”. In addition to her, Verónica Velenttino, who also represents the letter ‘T’ of the LGBTQIA+ acronym, marked the event and won in the Revelation in Musicals category.

“It symbolizes the recognition of my work, which for me, being a transvestite, is something that values ​​the trajectory I have been building in theater, in audiovisual, as an actress, as a singer. It sheds light on this path, it’s an extra light”, said Marina in an interview with CNN .

This recognition that Marina cites is even stronger in a country where trans people and transvestites face challenges to work with dignity. According to estimates by the National Association of Transvestites and Transsexuals (Antra), only 4% of the trans female population isthere in formal jobs.

The worrying fact is also present in the artistic milieu, as the actress denounces.

We don’t see transvestites and trans people winning and not even running or being nominated, because that’s also a reflection of not being in most projects, of all the marginalization of our population

Marina Mathey, actress

Marina also points out that, even before reaching the job market, this part of the population faces the daily struggle for survival. “When I received my award, I made a point of thanking my ancestors, because they, who are gone or even those who are still alive, paved the way for me to be winning. Many died, not being able to even come close to doing what they wanted in life, but being in prostitution, also fighting for their rights”. In Brazil, the life expectancy of a trans person is only 35 years.

Still, Marina maintains her optimistic tone and believes that the reality of the trans and transvestite community is evolving. For her, it is difficult not only to reach places of prominence and recognition, but also to remain. Therefore, in her opinion, winning the Bibi Ferreira Award is a historic milestone and the beginning of a series of achievements that will follow.

Marina also commented on the importance of having actors and actresses in theatrical productions. “We start to produce narratives about ourselves, we start to choose aesthetically how we want to tell our stories, no longer singularized in the projects of other cisgender people.”

And for those who climb steps and achieve success in the midst of so many challenges, the whole community must have the power to live achievements. “Being able to look at these results and these reverberations is being very happy and pleasant. I want all the others to be able to also experience this fullness, this happiness and prosperity, because this is not to be singled out either”, says Marina Mathey.

Source: CNN Brasil

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