Trastor: Dividend distribution 0.02 euros – On 22/7 the cut, from 29/7 the payment

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The distribution of a dividend of 0.02 euros per share for the year 2021, as well as the free distribution of shares to the CEO and executives of the company was approved, among others, by the regular General Meeting of Trastor held today.

From Friday, July 22, 2022, the company’s shares will be traded on the Athens Stock Exchange without the right to dividend for the year 2021 (date of cut of the right to participate in the dividend).

Beneficiaries of the dividend will be those registered in the files of the Intangible Securities System (“DSS”) managed by the “Hellenic Central Securities Depository” on Monday, July 25, 2022 (Record date).

The start date for the payment of the dividend is set at Friday, July 29, 2022. The payment of the dividend will be made by the paying Piraeus Bank through the operators of the securities accounts at DSS. as follows:

1. Through the Participants of the beneficiaries in the DSS. (Banks and Stock Exchanges), in accordance with the regulations in force of EL.K.AT. and its relevant decisions.

2. Especially in cases of dividend payment to heirs of deceased beneficiaries whose titles are kept in the Special Account of their Share in DSS, under the management of ATHEXCSD, the dividend payment process will be carried out after the completion of the legalization of the heirs. , through the network of Piraeus Bank for five (5) years from the date of payment (ie until July 29, 2027).

Dividends that will not be collected within five (5) years are statute-barred in favor of the Greek State.

In addition, the General Assembly of the company approved the issue and free distribution to the Chief Executive Officer of 73,551 new, common, registered shares, with a nominal value of € 0.50 each, under a share capital increase that will be realized through a capitalization of 36,775.50 euros from the distributor reserve under the heading “reserve of incentive programs (short)) which has been formed by the company for this purpose.

In addition, it approved the free distribution to the beneficiaries of the Long-Term Incentive Program, in accordance with its terms and according to the specific provisions of the relevant Board decision of 19.05.2022, 1,462,692 new common registered shares of the Company with a nominal value of € 0.50 or each, by virtue of an increase in the share capital that will be realized through a capitalization of an amount of 731,346 euros from the distributive reserve under the title “reserve of incentive programs (macro)” formed by the Company for this purpose.


Source: Capital

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