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Travis Kelce Talks For Over 10 Minutes About Taylor Swift And How He Is Madly In Love With Her

As if it hadn’t been understood for about a year, Travis Kelce he is a big fan of Taylor Swift. But in case you were in any doubt, Kelce went on a podcast where he talked for 10 minutes about how proud he is of “my girl. This is my woman.”

In the’last episode of Bussin’ With the Boysa podcast hosted by former NFL players Will Compton And Taylor Lewanwhich was released Tuesday, Kelce did his best heart-eyes emoji impression while talking about his famous girlfriend. (He also talked about football, sure, but let’s get this straight.) According to the show notes, the interview was taped on June 19, which was before Kelce’s surprise performance in a top hat and tails on the Eras Tour.

Of particular note was Kelce’s account of why “I really started to fall in love with her,” saying that while Swift is aware of her high profile, she is also very good at putting people at ease and not taking her attention away from moments that are important to others, like the Chiefs’ Super Bowl win.

«He is very self-aware, but at the same time (…) he understands situations like that», Kelce said of Swift. “And I think that’s why I started to really fall in love with her, because of how authentic she is when she’s with her friends and family. For someone who’s so much in the spotlight, things can get crazy, but she keeps herself so chill and relaxed, and I definitely admire that.”

Kelce’s comments are just the latest public display of affection from the couple. To name just the last five days: The two immortalized their relationship in the form of selfies with three heirs to the throne; Taylor wore a TNT ring while performing; Travis carried Taylor on stage in front of thousands of screaming fans, including Sir Paul McCartney (and let’s not forget the not-so-subtle kiss she blew Travis before he and his huge Louboutins left the stage); Taylor has published on Instagram the photos of the aforementioned ascent on stage and told his 283 million followers that he was «still pissing himself/raving about @killatrav’s Eras Tour debut 🥰»; while Gigi Hadid gave Taylor a custom Super Bowl-style ring featuring several of the singer’s “favorite things,” including a portrait of one of her cats (Benjamin Button, you’re the one) and Travis’s jersey number, 87.

We’ve come a long way since that first Bears game and Kelce’s comment in November 2023 explaining that he tried to keep his word so as “not to risk saying something that might alienate Taylor.”

“Obviously I’ve never dated anyone with that aura… I’ve never had that happen to me,” she said at the time. “But at the same time, I’m not walking away from her like crazy… The attention she gets, the magnifying glass she has on her every single day, the paparazzi outside her house, outside every restaurant she goes to, after every flight she takes… and yet she continues to live and enjoy life. If she’s going to act like that, I better not be the one acting weird.”

Today, he’s not the one acting strange, as he said, but he makes no secret of his feelings for the singer. “I mean, it’s normal to want to keep things private, but at the same time, I’m not here to hide anything,” he said in the podcast. “She’s my girl. This is my woman. I’m proud of her. So I’m not here trying to figure out how to keep this under wraps. You just don’t want to let everyone into your private life and let everyone comment on it, knowing that everything she does is going to be front page news.”

Swift’s ability to keep things normal, Kelce said, earns her “a lot of points.” “I mean, what the hell, he has this crazy life, and he wants to be a part of it. He wants to support me and do stuff like that. I mean, damn, that’s how he really won me over.”

And he supports her, too, smilingly telling the podcast hosts about Swift’s “electric” concerts and how happy he is to “see her in her element, killing it on stage.”

Kelce didn’t hold back when asked to rank his three favorite Swift songs. Love Storycalled by Kelce a “timeless piece” (and by fans the “moment when the lip-synching between the two actually happened”) didn’t make the cut, unlike a certain song with “a bit of serious sentimental meaning, I think.”

That’s right: So High Schoolan ode to spending time on the couch playing video games and making eyes. A paean to public displays of affection. “You know what I mean?” Kelce added. “You know how to ball, I know Aristotledamn”.

A representative for Taylor Swift has not yet responded to a request for comment. Vanity Fair to leave comments.

Source: Vanity Fair

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