Treasury cuts extra pay by surprise to 75,000 pensioners

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The extra pay received today by pensioners has come as an unpleasant surprise for 75,000 of them. His payroll from the Social Security Treasury has been cut by up to 400 euros due to the strict application of the embargo criteria of the Ministry of Finance, which It has started to run on the amount of the benefit.

The cut applied to the extra responds to an initiative of the General Directorate of Taxes, which until now applied withholdings amounts lower than those that have now been applied. For the vast majority of these pensioners affected, the change in criteria has come as a surprise, although the benefit payer, Social Security, assures that “they are informing by letter”

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“In the months of extra pay, less was being deducted than what the General Directorate of Taxes now says to deduct. So those who have part of their pension garnished this month, some, will receive less”, they explain in Social Security.

The ministry in charge of managing pensions explains that the new embargo policy related to benefits is subject to the tax regulations set by the Treasury and that the cut is applied only on the extra pay, so that in the month January will not apply. The same sources indicate that embargoes are not applied to pensions of an amount less than the Interprofessional Minimum Wage (SMI). . We apply the tax rules “, they explain.

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For its part, the Ministry of Finance explains that it has limited itself to applying the standard which indicates the seizure limits in article 607 of the Civil Procedure Law and which apply to all salary payments, also including extraordinary pay. “What has happened in the month of December is the strict legal application of the criterion maintained in various tax consultations since 2016 and by the General Directorate of Social Security in 2018″, indicate sources from the ministry. The Treasury indicates that the embargo criterion was already applied to new pensioners and what has happened now is that it has been extended to the rest, avoiding “double-criminal treatment.”

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