Treasury Direct sales total R$ 3.8 billion in August, says Treasury

Treasury Direct sales total R$ 3.8 billion in August, says Treasury

Sales of Treasury Direct bonds reached R$ 3.8 billion in August this year. The data were released this Tuesday (27) by the National Treasury. According to the document, just over 606,000 sales of securities to investors were carried out in August.

Redemptions totaled R$ 2.4 billion, according to the Treasury, of which R$ 2.2 billion refer to bond buybacks and R$ 189.1 million refer to maturities. According to the Treasury, “the use of the program by small investors can be observed by the considerable number of sales up to R$ 5 thousand, which corresponded to 82.5% of the sales that occurred in the month.”.

Also according to the agency, the security group most demanded by investors was the one indexed to the Selic (Selic Treasury), which had a 63.2% share in sales. Inflation-indexed securities (Treasury IPCA+ and Treasury IPCA+ with Semiannual Interest) corresponded to 24.2% of the total and fixed-rate securities, 12.7%.

The rise in demand for Selic-linked bonds takes place at a time when the rate is at high levels. Last week, the Monetary Policy Committee decided to keep the Selic at 13.75%.

The Treasury Direct stock reached BRL 98.23 billion, which represents an increase of 1.8% compared to the previous month, and a growth of 40.7% over August 2021, when a stock of BRL was recorded. $69.83 billion.

Source: CNN Brasil