Trees crushed a motorhome and the family came out alive

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Mountain Luck would be said to have had a family from the California Marines in the US as it survived a fall of trees who melted it self-propelled while her limbs were sleeping. The family almost became decal from the big trees that fell but escaped the evil because of the strange way in which the huge trees hit over their RV.

The trees fell during a huge storm in Kentfield on Sunday and landed at a location where one was wedged between two others, according to KGO-TV videos and photos.

Part of the tree landed on a bed where Matthew Bersma’s father was sleeping, the family said.

“If I were 15 cm higher the whole tree would have crumpled me”

Bersma woke up to the sound of his wife screaming, with a tree that had broken the family home in the middle and over his shoulder. He reached out through an opening to tell his family he was fine, he said.

«If I was 15 cm higher the whole tree would have crumpled me“, Bersma said at the station.

His wife, Daniele Brakovic, had come out in the rain after the trees fell after the passage of a turbine sending broken windows and waving the RV back and forth, he said.

“Our dog had just died the night before and I think he was our guardian angel to save his life,” she said in tears, referring to her husband. “If the tree had not fallen and got stuck between two other trees, it would have crumbled.”

Daniele, Matthew, their two teenage daughters and their dogs have been living in the RV for the past year, working on plans to build a house high on a dense forest slope.

The whole family is fine, almost unharmed. The father was rushed to the emergency room with a black eye and a lump on his forehead. He also has concussions, but he is not worried about them. “The other side of the bed is completely broken and Daniele is sleeping there, so if she had lay down to rest with me, she would probably be dead,” he said.

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