Trinity is like you

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In the early films of Matrix she hurt her ankle, broke her leg and learned to ride. Had some hesitation in agreeing to participate in Resurrections, knowing how physically demanding it could be?
“No. Making those movies was great. It doesn’t happen often, so I was thrilled to be able to repeat that experience, to be in that creative space with all these amazing artists. I flew to San Francisco for a reading with Keanu, Lana and a few others. I didn’t know anything. We were together for a while, I hadn’t seen Keanu in a long time and there he was sitting next to me. It was as if time had never passed ».

How did she prepare?
“Nothing makes you want to get in shape quickly more than knowing you’ll see yourself on a huge screen. I had to train for months to strengthen myself and to learn fights. For me it was important to get out of my head the idea of ​​having to look the same as when I was 30. It’s an anxious thought and I didn’t want to feel anxious. I wanted to look good, but not at the cost of dieting centrifuged and extreme stuff like that. I laugh because at times I felt so safe, I am there, I can do it. Then someone would film me in a short video, I would look at it and say: “Oh my God, I’m not here at all!”. I always had to quiet that part of my mind and convince myself that it would be okay like this. I could have felt the pressure, but I preferred to spare myself. ‘

Was it nice to get back on the bike?
“I like to test my limits, do everything I can do in these films myself. When I watch the first, second and third movies, and see the scenes where it’s not me but a stuntwoman, I feel sorry. But the bike I ride in Resurrections it’s just too powerful for an inexperienced person like me. I rode it, and thank God I knew how to drive it a little, because it went very fast. Instinct prevailed and I managed to stop it. Otherwise I would have flown away ».

Did you feel like you were playing a completely new character or was it like finding an old friend?
“It was like playing a different person with Trinity buried somewhere inside of her – but isn’t that something we all find ourselves in? I’m not the same person I was at 30. The wonderful thing about making these films is that all that training helps build the character. The training and the time spent with Keanu, all of this remains inside. And when it came to playing my part, it just came out. It’s nice when, after doing all this work, the moment comes when they say “Action” and you just hope to be able to bring out what you have inside. Acting alongside Keanu is really easy for me, and intense. A connection of souls is perceived that goes beyond logic. As an artist, I know how rare this is. It was as if there was this other entity made up of these two characters together “. \

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