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The GruzovichkoF mobile application is a quick and convenient solution for service customers. We offer a wide range of cargo transportation services for both individuals and corporate clients throughout Russia.

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Started moving? Now ordering a cargo taxi service has become easier! In the application “GruzovichkoF” you can instantly leave a request for the carriage of goods, calculate the cost, contact the driver and all this in one click.

The following options are open to you:

  • Transportation for all occasions. Any type of transportation is available in the application – from the transportation of furniture and household appliances to the transportation of cars and large-capacity cargo.
  • Large selection of vehicles for any transportation. Today you need to transport a couple of boxes of clothes, and tomorrow a whole chest of drawers? There are more than 40 types of trucks for various purposes with a carrying capacity of up to 20 tons in the GruzovichkoF fleet.
  • Ordering a car with loaders. “GruzovichkoF” will send professional movers to help you, who will quickly pack, carefully load, and then install any complex equipment with high quality.
  • Possibility to track the order. Are you worried that your cargo might get lost somewhere? Watch the car during delivery, as well as its movement to the delivery point in real time.
  • Save your favorite routes. Do you need to transport things in several stages? You can save your route to make your next order even faster.
  • Making a pre-order. If you are short on time and would like your shipment to be delivered on a specific date, place your order in advance for a date and time that suits you.
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And that is not all! You can learn more about all the features in the application itself.

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