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Trump calls on evangelical Christians to come to the polls en masse to vote for him

Former US President Donald Trump on Saturday urged evangelical Christians to flock to the polls in November to vote for him, portraying himself as a crusader for religious freedom. “Evangelicals and Christians are not voting as much as they should,” the Republican presidential candidate said to supporters at the Faith and Freedom Coalition NGO conference. “They go to church every Sunday, but they don’t vote. We’ve got to make sure they vote this time,” Trump said, jokingly adding: “In four years, you’re not obligated to vote, okay? In four years, don’t vote. I do not care”. The billionaire tycoon has assured his evangelical supporters, who played a major role in his 2016 election victory, that he will stand up for their beliefs. He didn’t fail to touch on issues that resonate with this audience – such as abortion, gun ownership and immigration. On abortion, he welcomed his verdict […]
Source: News Beast

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