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Trump challenges Biden: Let’s go to another debate or a round of golf to prove your skills

Using a series of insults against his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, Donald Trump challenged him to participate in another debate or a round of golf to prove his skills. “Corrupt, incompetent, suffering from mental problems”: this is how the Republican described the American president. Speaking to supporters in Miami, Florida, Trump quipped that Biden made an “amazing decision” by choosing Kamala Harris as his vice president to avoid anyone questioning his abilities and removing him from the presidency. “If Joe had picked someone even remotely competent, he would have been kicked out of the presidency years ago. But they can’t because (Harris) is their second choice,” the Republican commented, while claiming that Democrats have had a “total nervous breakdown” looking for their presidential nominee. “This is the biggest fraud in all of political history,” Trump said. “As you know, everyone participates […]
Source: News Beast

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