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Trump extends lead over Biden to 5 points, survey shows

Former President Donald Trump (Republican) increased his lead against current president Joe Biden (Democrat) to 5 points in the race for the White House.

With about eight months to go before the election, in November, Trump has the support of 48% of voters, while Biden has 43%. Around 10% did not know or refused to answer, according to a survey by the New York Times and Sienna College released this Saturday (2).

The result shows growth in the difference between the main candidates. In the last survey, in December, Trump led with 46% of intentions, while Biden was preferred by 44% of the electorate.

The survey also showed that disapproval of Biden's government reached 47% among voters, the highest level in all polls carried out by the group during his term as president.

The numbers also show that only one in four voters believes that the country is in the right direction, while more than twice as many say they believe that the policies implemented by Biden have harmed them personally.

Source: CNN Brasil

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