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Trump leads in 5 decisive states in the electoral race, says NYT

A survey by the American newspaper The New York Times shows that former President of the United States Donald Trump leads voting intentions in five of the six decisive states in this year's presidential elections.

The survey released this Tuesday (14) was carried out in conjunction with the University of Siena and the newspaper The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Biden only leads in the state of Wisconsin, with 47%, while Trump has 45% of voting intentions. The data only takes into account voters who are already registered. Remembering that in the United States voting is not mandatory.

See the search results:

  • Wisconsin – 45% Trump / 47% Biden
  • Pennsylvania – 44% Biden / 49% Trump
  • Arizona – 42% Biden / 49% Trump
  • Michigan – 42% Biden / 49% Trump
  • Georgia – 39% Biden / 49% Trump
  • Nevada – 38% Biden / 50% Trump

Swing states, better known as swing states, are those that are not traditionally Democratic or Republican. It is usually the results of these places that determine victory in US elections.

In 2020, President Biden won all six swing states. This year, the American leader would have to win, in addition to the traditionally Democratic regions, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin to guarantee re-election, according to what The New York Times revealed.

The survey also points to a general dissatisfaction among young people, non-whites and Hispanics in relation to Joe Biden's government. The three groups, however, are fundamental to any Democratic candidacy and could harm the American president's campaign.

The main points of dissatisfaction, according to The New York Times, are: cost of living in the United States, immigration and the war in Gaza.

According to the data, more than 70% of voters want profound changes in the country's politics and economy.

According to The New York Times, the criminal trial against Trump over an alleged bribe payment to an adult film actress did not affect the former president's electoral results.

The survey spoke to 4,097 registered voters in the states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan, Georgia and Nevada between April 28 and May 9. The combined margin of error is plus or minus 1.8 percentage points.

Source: CNN Brasil

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