Trump Signs Economic Relief Bill a Little Too Late

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US President Donald Trump has finally signed the economic relief bill, only a little too late. He had earlier refused to sign the bill and even hinted at using his power to veto the bill.

Economic Relief

Keeping in view the current economic situation, the US congress, after months of debate, had passed the economic relief bill. Under the bill, Americans who earned less than $75,000 a year would be given a one off payment of $600. The same amount would be added per child. Totaling at a staggering $90 billion, the bill is a much needed relief for the average American. This also includes a sum of $30 billion to be spent on Covid vaccines.

President Trump had opposed the bill on the grounds of the one time payment being too less in amount. The President had demanded that the amount be raised to at least $2,000 per person.

His refusal to sign the bill had caused an uproar in many circles across the country. The new president elect Joe Biden had labelled Trump’s refusal to sign the bill as a failure of his duty as the United States’ president.

A Little Too Late

Mr. Trump tried to convince people that he was stalling the signing, only to ensure that the ‘great American’ people would receive a larger amount. However, on Sunday night the president reluctantly signed the bill.

Although the Covid economic relief bill is now signed, it is a little too late. 14 million people in USA have now temporarily lost unemployment insurance. For these people to continue receiving these benefits without a break, the bill had to be made a part of the law before its Saturday deadline.

Donald Trump is set to hand over the office to Mr. Joe Biden after his defeat in the 2020 presidential elections. Although the president has time and again refused to accept his defeat and made claims of the elections being fraudulent, the statement has not being proved and has been rejected by courts.


Source CNN

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