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Trump snubs Republican debate

The former US president Donald Trump intends to pronounce speech in Detroit on September 27 before members of the city’s auto workers’ union and not to participate in the second debate of the Republican nominees for the party’s nomination for the 2024 presidential election.

According to a Trump associate, his speech will be attended by workers at Detroit’s major auto companies and other union members. Already the Republican strongly criticizes the American president Joe Biden on his electric car policies and has asked auto workers to support him.

This will be the second time Trump has snubbed it debate of the Republican candidates for the party’s nomination for the presidential election. According to the polls and despite his legal adventures, the millionaire leads by almost 50 points over the second most popular candidate.

Trump’s choice to address workers on auto manufacturers of Detroitwho have been there for some days on strike, marks his campaign team’s effort to turn its attention to the presidential election, in which his most likely opponent appears to be Biden again. This speech is part of the Republican’s campaign to win the support of working-class voters, who in 2020 preferred Biden, as reported by APE-MPE.

The United Auto Workers (UAW) union called a strike last week at the three largest US auto manufacturers with salary requests, a controversy that may involve serious political risks for the American president. Although Biden has insisted for decades that he supports labor unions, many auto workers are angry and frustrated that he has not stood by them at a time when the industry is posting huge profits.

Trump is seeking to capitalize on this controversy and will try to convince workers in the auto industry and other sectors that, if re-elected president, he will stand up for their rights. He recently accused the Democratic president of “waging war” against American automakers for promoting production of electric cars and has estimated that the UAW should support him in the election.

Source: News Beast

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